Amr Diab will be performing in Syria in the new years eve. Stay updated on the official website for more info on the concert.

Check AmrDiab's Greetings To All His Fans In Eid El Adha 2010. Happy Eid every body!

For the second time, Amr Diab will be the star to witness the new academic year for FUE (Future University Egypt) in Cairo on December 10th, 2010. The concert is invitation basis only.
Stay tuned for more info / exclusive material from the concert only on Amr Diab's official website.

Amr Diab has arrived today from USA and will continue working on his new album.
The new album will not be released in November "Eid Kebeer", and will be postponed until it is finished.
Stay tuned ONLY on the official website for the release date of the new album

Amr Diab performed on october 16th in MGM Arena, Vegas.
The concert was a massive success It started at 9:00 PM and lasted for more than two hours.

Amr Diab has won two african music awards in 2010, Best Male act of Africa, and Best north african artist.
Amr Diab was not able to attend the african music awards ceremony which took place on October 15th in london due to his concert in vegas on the next day.

Amr Diab has visited today Diab FM as usual, and that was during the live episode of Kol El Kalam.
He met with Kol el Kalam crew and took these pictures along with the talented actor Eyad Nassar, who was a guest today on Kol el Kalam Program .

Amr Diab is preparing for his new album and reading lyrics at his office (Check Updated Photos here).
He is also listening to the new talents that has so far enrolled in Amr Diab Academy.
Stay updated ONLY on the official website with updates/ photos and videos on Amr Diab's where abouts.

Amr Diab is currently working on his new album with the music arranger Adel Hakki.
Stay tuned for more details on the official website for the release date of the new album.

EXCLUSIVELY on the official website, listen to the two samples from "Asalaha Betefre'" The single will be released next week, and stay tuned ONLY on the official website for official updates. Click here to listen to the sample.

Watch EXCLUSIVELY on the official website, Amr Diab limited Edition, Nokia 5800 Press conference, which took place on 7/7/2010 in Four Seasons Nile Plaza. Don't miss the chance and reserve your Amr Diab limited edition phone NOW Click here to watch press conference.

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